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BTTS Tips and Stats

BTTS Betting Tips and Stats 1

Upcoming BTTS Tips

Date Match Prediction
19th Octomber Utrecht vs PSV Eindhoven BTTS: YES
19th Octomber VIP TIP BTTS: YES
19th Octomber VIP TIP BTTS:YES
14th October France vs Turkey BTTS: YES
14th October VIP TIP BTTS: NO
14th October VIP TIP BTTS: NO
13th October Wales vs Croatia BTTS: YES
13th October VIP TIP BTTS: YES
13th October VIP TIP BTTS: YES
12th October Sporting Gijon vs Alcorcon BTTS: YES
12th October VIP TIP BTTS: YES
12th October VIP TIP BTTS: YES
6th October Arsenal vs Bournemouth BTTS: YES
6th October VIP TIP BTTS: YES
6th October VIP TIP BTTS: YES
5th October Liverpool vs Leicester City BTTS: YES
5th October VIP TIP BTTS: YES
5th October VIP TIP BTTS: YES
4th October Brescia vs Sassuolo BTTS: YES
4th October VIP TIP BTTS: YES
4th October VIP TIP BTTS: YES
29th September Utrecht vs Willem II BTTS: YES
29th September VIP TIP BTTS: YES
29th September VIP TIP BTTS: YES
28th September Olim. Ljubljana vs Maribor BTTS: YES
28th September VIP TIP BTTS: YES
28th September VIP TIP BTTS: YES
27th September NEC vs Go Ahead Eagles BTTS: YES
27th September VIP TIP BTTS: YES
27th September VIP TIP BTTS: YES
25th September Roma vs Atalanta Home Win and BTTS: YES
25th September VIP TIP Home Win and BTTS: YES
24th September Monaco vs Nice BTTS: YES
24th September VIP TIP BTTS: YES
24th September VIP TIP BTTS: YES
22nd September Chelsea vs Liverpool BTTS: YES
22nd September VIP TIP BTTS: YES
22nd September VIP TIP BTTS: YES

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  • We calculate and use football BTTS stats from several sources to highlight the important betting stats.
  • Our BTTS Tips are including the Top 5 European competitions, but we are also looking in the low ranked leagues like 2.Bundesliga, Serie B and others.
  • Each of our articles is made to support your daily betting strategies. We post our predictions on a daily basis like Friday, Saturday, Sunday, etc.
  • We are posting our both teams to score betting predictions from 12 to 48 hours before the first football game for the day.
  • Each of our daily BTTS tips includes 3 football events for the day.


BTTS Betting Tips and Stats 2Recently we decided to start writing both teams to score and anybody win predictions once per week. In this section, we will deliver BTTS stats along with team streaks statistics. Each article includes 2 matches – one BTTS and Win tip for each day of the weekend.

BTTS and Win bets are harder to predict. When you are making a BTTS bet you have only two possible outcomes – Yes and Now. In BTTS and anybody win you have 6 outcomes which we explained better here. Of course, more out possible results mean higher odds. That’s why we will select 2 instead of 3 football encounters. If this sounds interesting check out our BTTS and Win Tips page.


Using both teams to score stats from trusted sources is a must when we are talking about BTTS bets. There are some factors that can be crucial for making a decision. Each of our predictions includes percentage statistics for both competitors with the following factors:

  1. Clean sheets – games without conceded goal
  2. Won to Nil – winning matches without conceded goal
  3. Both teams scored – encounters where both competitors have netted at least one goal
  4. Failed to score – games without a goal scored
  5. Lost to Nil – lost matches without scored goal

To get a better idea of their home/away both teams to score form stats there are columns for each team playing on that side along with the total stats from the whole season.

The selected matches from the top leagues will have extra stats like Scored in both halves and Conceded in both halves. Sadly this kind of factors involving half time score is not supported for the lower leagues.


BTTS is a football betting term that stands for both teams to score. It basically means that each team needs to score at least one goal until the full-time whistle. Nowadays every bookmaker can offer his customers this type of bet and it’s mostly used in football as it’s not that suitable for many sports. The benefit of placing that bets is that you’re potential profit is not dependable on a team or a full-time result.

There is no difference between BTTS tips and goal goal tips.

There are two options to put the bet on – YES and NO. You have to select YES when you want to chose the option both teams to score a goal. If you want to bet that none or only one team will score a goal, then you have to select NO. See more about BTTS meaning.


btts in betting infographicSome sports betting companies are offering more extended types of both teams to score bet. Let’s check out their short names and meanings while comparing the basic odds for the Leicester – Crystal Palace Premier League’s encounter:

  • BTTS AND WIN: Prediction of the full-time winner of the match while both teams scoring a goal.  If you make that kind of bet you will get higher odds, but the risk percentage also increases. For example, when you place BTTS and win bet (YES) on the home team, the minimum outcome that gets you a winning prediction is a 2-1 win for the home team. You will have a successful prediction with results like 2-1, 3-2, 4-2, 3-1. But you will lose the bet if the predicted team wins and the opponent fails to score, ending with 1-0, 2-0, 3-0, 4-0 final result.
  • BTTS IN 1ST HALF: Prediction for both teams scoring a goal in the first half of the football match. The good side of that bet is that you don’t need to wait until the end of the 1st half to get winnings cashed out. Results like 1-1, 2-1 on the break will be successful prediction and 1-0, 0-2 will be a lost bet. Usually, teams are scoring more goals in the 2nd half of the game.
  • BTTS IN 2ND HALF: Basically the same as the one above, it just goes for the 2nd half of the match. The BTTS stats are showing that usually most of the teams are scoring more goals during the 2nd part of the game.
  • BTTS IN BOTH HALVES: This is the hardest to get. In order to make a successful prediction both teams need to score in both halves. Perfect outcome would be if the 1st half end with 1-1 and the full-time result must be 2-2. This way both teams will be scoring in both halves.

Tips for BTTS betting:

These are tips for any gambler who wants to improve his BTTS betting:

  1. Chose mid-table teams. Those are the teams which are both conceding and scoring goals in the league. Choosing teams from the top of the table often refers to teams to teams with good defence.  On the other side, if you pick bottom-table team there is a lower of goal scoring.
  2. Look at least at the latest 3 encounters. Look for teams where both teams scored in all of the most recent games.
  3. You can always go for a team with Over 2,5 goals in the most recent final scores.
  4. Try to find info about missing goalscorers or key players in the teams.

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Top Tipsters

4.0 rating
18th August 2019

Thanks for your free predictions please add other leagues like MLS-US, La liga and French League one


Good tips

4.0 rating
5th August 2019

I always check out the 2nd Bundesliga and Segunda Division. I give you 4 stars because I want to see more daily tips.

Jack Richards

Great stats!

5.0 rating
14th June 2019

You have great btts stats. Good work.

Billy Naylor

Top 5 European Football Leagues and their average scoring goals per match comparison:

League Matches BTTS
Bundesliga 54 67% (-3%)
Premier League 70 57% (-1%)
La Liga 70 47% (-4%)
Ligue 1 80 46% (+2%)
Serie A 60 55% (+1%)
Updated: 1st Oct 2019