BTTS Betting Strategy

Betting on BTTS (both teams to score) is very popular across the football gamblers. Based on our experience we have made a BTTS betting strategy which you can follow.

What is a betting strategy?

A betting strategy is a system that you use to place your bets on. There are a lot of betting systems and strategies that you can use to optimize your betting behaviour. Our guide about BTTS betting is including two important factors:

  • Bet Amount: bankroll management
  • Bet Type: Number of selections per single bet

Bankroll management is actually a poker term that we use in sports betting. In this betting system, we bet with a certain percentage of funds that we have deposited in the account. For example, if we have 200 Euros in the account and we bet on 2% every bet you make should be with 4 Euros per slip.

Bet type goes for the type of prediction you bet on. For example, you can make single, double, triple, Trixie bet and many more selections.

Our BTTS Betting System:

BTTS betting strategy

BTTS bet on Doubles – 2.8 Odds

We have tried several BTTS betting systems to figure out the most profitable one. In the end, we have the best ROI playing on doubles with 2% from the bank. 

So betting on doubles usually gives us from 2 to 4 multiplied odds. Playing on 2% bet gives you 50 betting slips per bankroll. Winning 2/6 of those 50 can guarantee you cashback. On the other side, winning 50% of those betting slips can increase your bankroll up to 100%.

You can always try a selection with more than 2 matches for both teams to score. This will decrease your winning chances but you will get higher odds.