The Improved Man United: Solskjaer record stats

The Improved Man United: Solskjaer record stats 1

This season started terribly wrong for Man United and on 18th Dec 2018, Jose Mourinho was sacked after consecutive poor performances. The last one was against Liverpool and the Red Devils lost with 3-1 final result. Since then a true Man Utd legend “the baby-faced assassin” is the caretaker manager for now – Ole Gunnar Solksjaer.

According to this article, on 9th Feb 2019, Solskjaer managed to make more wins with his team than Jose Mourinho had so far in this season. We must say that every Man Utd player is feeling happier and more motivated to play, they are also showing more desire and the stats are proving that.

Ole’s players even managed to qualify for the next stage of Champions League after losing the first game at Old Trafford with 0-2 result. For that game, Solskajer had 9 injured players and Pogba was with red card punishment for the match. Still, the players did so well fighting until the last minutes where Dalot shot was blocked by the defender’s hand. The VAR referee’s in the black room saw that hand and gave a penalty, which Rashford scored with great composure.

Man United Games under Solskjaer

Right after that game where a lot of players gave more than 100%, Arsenal came on the road in Premier League. A great unbeaten streak in Premier League was killed with 2-0 final result for Arsenal.

Facts about this season in the Premier League:

  • 73% of Man Utd’s matches had over 2.5 goals scored in total
  • Man Utd conceded at least 1 goal in 86% of their home matches
  • Man Utd has scored a goal in 94% of their away matches
  • Man Utd has been undefeated in their last 12 home games

Premier League points won since Solskjaer’s appointment:

Right after Ole’s assignment the Red Devils rapidly became the best team in terms of form and they are still sitting on the top of the table.

  1. Manchester United: 32 points / 13 games
  2. Manchester City: 30 points / 13 games
  3. Liverpool: 28 points / 13 games
  4. Arsenal: 26 points / 13 games
  5. Tottenham Hotspur: 22 points / 13 games
  6. Chelsea: 20 points / 13 games

Let’s also check out some of the goals that United scored, there were some beautiful goals scored in a very fast way:

Paul Pogba is in top form after Jose left

I turned to to find out what Pogba ratings were before and after Ole’s management. Now, looking at the image you will definitely see better ratings, but we can only guess if the purpose of Pogba was to play badly in order to get Jose sacked.

The Improved Man United: Solskjaer record stats 2

Again looking at the image there should be a little concern in Pogba’s fans because his recent ratings are not good, he hasn’t scored a goal 4 games in a row, which is also the biggest goalless run under the baby-faced assassin.

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